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Blue LED on the Odroid-C2

I use Librelec on my Odroid-C2 to play 4k content. It supports DCI 4k at 60fps and it is slightly more expensive than a RPi4.

The blue LED functions as a sort of hearbeat. It is somehow linked to kernel activity in way that I’m not entirely sure. If it blinks like crazy all is well. However, the blue LED is quite bright and quite annoying to dark adapted eyes. It doesn’t help that I don’t have a case for my newest Odroid-C2 (last one abandoned with the rest of my old life in Thailand).

The way this was addressed by odroid is one of the many reasons I like and recommend their products.

It starts with a post on

asking the question

First response, within 3 hours is from odroid,

first response

And within 48 hours,


Anyway, see the available triggers by

odroid:~ # cd /sys/class/leds/                
odroid:/sys/class/leds # cat blue\:heartbeat/trigger 
none nand-disk timer oneshot [heartbeat] gpio cpu0 cpu1 cpu2 cpu3 default-on sd rc-feedback

Configure by echo’ing the desired trigger into trigger. Make it permanent with

odroid:~ # cat > /storage/.config/ 
echo none > /sys/class/leds/blue\:heartbeat/trigger

This is only for LibreElec 9.1+, now using systemd.