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Brother DCP L2520D on armhf

Brother DCP L2520D on armhf


  1. auto duplex
  2. printer+scanner=copier
  3. driver support for linux
  4. Cheap ($175)
  5. Laser printer


  1. No network (see below for why this might not be a con)
  2. No colour
  3. No fax


Brother provide a driver install tool that that was released in 2018 but still lives in the glory days of sys-v and initscripts. The script makes for a fun read on a rainy afternoon. Chinese users can also enjoy the script. The script tries to do the right thing so if you are not steeped in Linux lore and just want the damn thing to work on x86, give it a go.

Brother also kindly provides deb and rpm packages for all the components separately. There are three components that can be configured.


You need the LPR and cupswrapper drivers. The packages install themselves into /opt/brother.

Herein lies the first wrinkle. The drivers are for x86. But there is a brlaser github repo and this is packaged in Debian as printer-driver-brlaser. At the time of writing, version 4-1 was in buster and 5-1 was released. A diversion to salsa allowed me to proceed:

git clone
curl -L -o brlaser_5.orig.tar.gz
cd brlaser
debuild -uc -us

Install the resulting printer-driver-brlaser_5-1_armhf.deb. You will also need cups.

Make the cups webinterface listen on a public interface with

sudo cupsctl --remote-admin --share-printers

Add your user to the lpadmin group. Restart cups. cups uses PAM to authenticate users.


This is harder on armhf. Brother provides drivers for just x86. A few years ago Brother (accidentally?) made the source available for brscan. This is no longer the case on the brother website. However, some enterprising French folks have saved the sources on github.

Another option would be to use qemu to run the amd64 binary. You might find this guide relevant.

I haven’t tried either. Ars longa, vita brevis.

Scan key tool

Yet to look at this.